The Barbados Road Map, Weather & News combines a map of Barbados, a weather forecast, and news of this fabulous island in the West Indies, useful whether you live on the island or you are planning a visit. First, the Bariffle map of Barbados...

While the image in the background of the Bariffle Barbados map is kindly supplied by Google, the roads are from John Mann's BajanNav, the Sat Nav map of Barbados, making the Bariffle Barbados Map more accurate than any other freely-available map of Barbados.

Zoom in, and you'll see street names and every road in Barbados. Click on the buttons on the right, and the markers will clear to show just one category. Find a restaurant, hotel, shop or service in Barbados. Notice the beaches, churches, and 112 cricket grounds. Even the Hike Barbados start points are on the Bariffle Barbados Map! Click on the icons for information and a picture.

There's even better to come on the Bariffle Barbados Map in the next few weeks... keep watching!

about Bariffle

Bariffle - Bajan word - a whole lot e.g. ("dah's a bariffle a homwuhk")

Here we have...

  • Barbados Map
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... a whole lot about Barbados.

We hope you enjoy it!